How football shirts Change?

football shirts worn by the players today is very colorful and bright, making it easy to identify the team. But there is no time to dress uniforms and pay all wear white football shirts with long sleeves. The only way to distinguish between the two teams as hats and colorful scarves. This creates confusion for viewers and scorers. Gradually, the demand for uniforms for the players to increase the birth football for the first time, has now become a legendary player and team alike.

As a football club is open to all professional sports teams must register their unique color to avoid confusion with other football fans all over the world wear their team colors. This has become a great way to increase sales and contribute to the economy too much.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, shirts in various colors and designs, including stripes that look cheap, white cotton, plain how to make synthetic materials such as nylon, which is lighter and allows sweat to evaporate making. very comfortable for players to wear during the event. Now for the player in summer wear short-sleeved shirt while in winter they switch to long sleeves.

With shirt numbers 1-11 on the back of the shirt. But the strategy and positions have changed, so have the numbers. Current players wear their lucky numbers. At first, the name of the team and the club will be in the front, while the number and names of the players are at the back of the shirt.

With the onset of globalization advertising company realized that the potential market is huge. So they began to show their names on shirts, and pay both teams will wear their brand. The company designs, logos and labels of the teams were wearing and the team changed the design of advertising is changing fans in order to keep up with the changing pace of buying a brand new start.

As science and technology advanced, the fabric of football has improved a lot. The fabric football shirts used for shirts can be adapted to the needs of the players, and as the weather will allow players to warm in winter and cool in summer. Rapidly changing technologies to extend the contract to be able to monitor the heart rate and fatigue levels of players.

Technology also plays a very important role in making football more modern. A plethora of designs and colors have definitely made the game more fun. Cheap imitation is also available on the Internet and fans often trade football shirts over the Internet for profit Big companies now vie for the opportunity to sponsor a football team, as it is a great way to increase. Their sales They also offer great discounts and other offers to attract customers. So, football has been commercialized in a big way through his clothes.